• GPS: 48.73245, 19.0382
The time required is approx. 1 hour.
The time required is approx. 1 hour.

If you are looking for a charming trip where adults and children can come, we recommend Kremnické Hills, specifically Králická gorge with the waterfall of the same name.

The valley of this gorge is divided by the Color Stream, where the stormy water falls to a depth of seven meters. Beautiful scenery around Králický waterfall is refined by a rock massif with interesting nooks.

Gorge and waterfall can be found near the village Králiky (about 500m), near Banská Bystrica, which is the starting point for hikes to the Kremnické Mountains. It is an undemanding hike, rather a quiet walk through the forest terrain, which is ideal for the smallest and recreational tourists. Tourist trail is marked by yellow color.

However, a trip to the waterfall may not be your last stop. You can continue passing the Králická gorge. The road takes you to the other side of the waterfall, where you can also roast.

You may need some: accommodation Králiky
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