• Kurinec, Rimavská Sobota

Only a short distance from Rimavská Sobota is the well-known and popular recreation area Kurinec - Zelená voda. It opens its doors during the summer months. It is sought not only by locals, but also by people from the wider area.

The resort area is really large and offers many alternatives to spend hot summer days. Probably the most attractive option is bathing in a water reservoirs or in pools with drinking and geothermal water.

Sports and active sports enthusiasts will also be pleased. Visitors can use mini golf, tennis courts, table tennis, football pitches and beach volleyball. There is a boat and water bike rental at the water reservoir too.

Free time can be beneficially enjoyed by horseback riding or playing bowling. On the right bank of the water reservoi, there is a nature reserve called Kurinecká dubina, which is ideal for hiking. And if it is not enough, there is also a cycling trail in the total length of 4330 meters, which has two branches.

During the summer season, visitors can use a sightseeing train with free transport up to recreational area Kurinec. There is also a camp with 70 tents with the possibility of connecting to water, electricity and social facilities.

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