The second highest peak of Kysucká vrchovina - Ľadonhora, is ideal for hiking in every season. Not so tall, but steep, conical top is densely covered with beech forests. Its slopes extend over the village of Horný Vadičov, not far from the town of Kysucké Nové Mesto.

Although Ľadonhora is not a traditional mass tourist area, it will surely surprise you with its beauty and landscape. In addition, these steep slopes will test your fitness. On a relatively short section, you will have to overcome more than 400 meters of altitude.

The apex of Ľadonhora does not provide a view due to the dense beech stand. However, don't ne sad, just below the summit, there are pastures, from which there is a beautiful view of the valley, the village, but also the surrounding hills. Another nice view is from the western ridge.

The hike is relatively short and takes about 3-4 hours. If you are accustomed to steep ascents, you will not have any trouble getting to Ľadonhora. The starting point for the ascent is the village of Horný Vadičov - part Kubaščikovci (approx. 2 km away).

You may need some: accommodation Horný Vadičov
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Anonym • Jan 2021
„krasa bol som tam za mlada viac krat tie rogala boli krasne a zilina bola nadherna bolo malo dalekohladov ale stalo to zato stano levo stranik vidiet uzasne vroku 1977 ahojte mam 62 rov a chodili sme s mojej krasnej rodnej poviny tam som prezil mladost vsetky hory som v povine pochodene ples stankove vlcie jamy nove besne gabriska pod stenami ceresne gasurove neviem nazov bolo dalej asi to bolo podnove taka hladinka pasavali sa tam kravy a my sme tam dievcatam nosili ceresnicky kazda na ucho dve krasna mladost povina je krasna dedinka aje velmi dobre ze prisla mlada starostka povina zije u nas v lieskovci je nuda stale boj “

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