Lake Vindšachtské is located in the pleasant arms of the Štiavnické Mountains Protected Landscape Area. You can find it on the outskirts of the village of Štiavnické Bane.

It covers an area of 4.4 hectares and the maximum depth of water is 13.5 m. It was built in 1715 as part of a system of artificial water reservoirs - the so-called tajchs - for the needs of local mines.

At present, Vindšachtské Lake is a natural publicly accessible swimming pool - a nice place to swim. The lake is surrounded by gravel and grassy shores, reinforced by tree-like vegetation. There is a gradual entry to the lake with a continual inclination.

Together with Lake Evička, it is a very popular and sought-after place for holidaymakers looking for relaxation in the bosom of nature, recreation and last but not least, water sports and hiking.

You will also find a tent camp, or you can stay in the surrounding cottage area. There is a state road along the main dike. The surrounding area is full of hiking and cycling trails, as well as natural and historical beauties and monuments.

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