Once a powerful royal guard castle, from which only well-preserved ruins have remained, stands high on the castle hill above the village of Likavka.

The castle was relatively modest settlement - the vaults were only in the cellar and the other rooms had wooden ceilings. Perhaps the only gem were glass windows that were made by the glassworks in the Middle Ages belonging to the castle.

Likava Castle was built in 1341 by the Zvolen administrator Dvonč. For some time, it served as a military dormitory and a county prison. The castle's architecture is indeed impressive and therefore the palace complex ranks among the highest buildings of its kind in Slovakia.

Entrance to the castle is controlled and symbolically charged. It is only open to the public during the summer season. You can go to the castle from the bus stop "Likavka hrad", near which there is a parking lot and a restaurant. The hike there is undemanding, thus suitable also for families with children.

It is certainly advisable to combine a visit to the castle with tourism. The rich tangle of hiking trails are offered by the wonderful surrounding Choč Hills.

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