The Turá Lúka - Hrajky Lookout Tower is located on the significant hill of Myjavská Uplands called Hrajky, near the village of Turá Lúka and the main road from Myjava to Sobotište.

It is 10 meters high and offers tourists an impressive view into the valley of the river Myjava, the part of Myjava Uplands, the White Carpathians and partly also the Považský Inovec Mountain Range. If you want to get there, you ned to climb 61 steps which lead to the observation platform** at a height of 9.5 meters.

The location where it is located is a historical and reverent place. There is a memorial to the 12 executed evangelists, who were hanged there for participation in the so-called “turolucká rebellion when they defended their church from confiscating.

Part of the memorial is a resting place with benches where you can sit and contemplate the beauty of the surroundings.

The easiest way to get there is by car directly from the main road next to the tower. However, under the hill there is also a cycling trail, leading to the lookout tower by crossing the the ford across the small river of Myjava and the grassy meadow,  so we definitely recommend cycling to this place. You can then continue to the ruins of Branč Castle and Kunovská Dam .

You may need some: accommodation Myjava
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Andrej Mikuš • Nov 2022
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