There is a countless number of lookout towers and observation towers in Slovakia. But if you are looking for a one that has an unconventional design and has its twin, do not hesitate to visit Prietrž.

The brand new lookout tower Lipovec stands proudly on the border of Záhorie and Myjavská Uplands. It was built within the framework of cross-border cooperation with the Czech Republic with EU support. The same tower is located in the village Cerová (part Rozbehy).

Lipovec Lookout Tower is 6 meters high and has a stone tower shape. The viewing area is covered with a wooden roof. It is surrounded by a stone staircase. In the evening, the lookout tower is backlit.

On the viewing area, there are information boards with a description of the surrounding panorama. From the top, you can see the settlement of Rehušov, but also the ruins of the Korlátka Castle, Plavecký castle, Branč Castle and the Tematín Castle

The trip to the lookout tower is unpretentious and ideal for families with children or older people. Asphalt roads from the surrounding villages lead under the lookout tower and the marked cycling trail passes through the site as well.

In close proximity to the lookout tower, there is a Memorial of Slovak National Uprising and a smaller shelter with a relaxation zone.

You may need some: accommodation district Senica
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