The immediate surroundings of the beautiful village of Ľubietová abound in several breathtaking natural sights. One of them is Ľubietovský Vepor, which is a landmark offering a diverse tangle of hiking trails. Vepor Hill is also, together with the neighboring Hrb Hill, part of the Ľubietovský Vepor National Nature Reserve with a fifth degree of protection.

The ascending route is not demanding in terms of condition or time. You can enjoy the beautiful and diverse nature, which is little disturbed by human activity, and therefore you can enjoy the places of forested areas. In addition to dense coniferous and deciduous forests or meadows, you will also see rocky formations of various shapes and sizes.

The top part is made up of a remnant of a lava flow, which created a beautiful observation rock cliff. From it you will get a captivating view of the Low Tatras, Kremnica Mountains and Greater Fatra. At the southern foot of Vepra is a beautiful natural monument Vepor Rocks. They will impress you with their monumentality, as some of them reach several tens of meters.

Ľubietovský Vepor is easily accessible on marked hiking trails. The starting point of the hikes can be the village of Ľubietová, Strelníky or Osrblie - local part of Tri vody. Among the tourists, especially popular is about 6 km long route leading from Starý Majer at Ľubietová, along the cottage below Hrbom, then through the Hrb Hill and then via the ridge to Vepor.

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