• Kráľová 46, Zvolen

Lunter's Ranch is located in a recreational area 10 km from Zvolen. It is surrounded by the Javorie Mountains. Nature in the neighborhood of Kráľová - Zvolen - is ideal for horse riding.

The ranch offers training riding for the public, but also sports western riding. Horseback riding needs to be booked in advance by telephone.

Children can ride horses in the hippodrome or in the woods, watch and feed cattle, or fool around in a children's sandbox and playground.

Even the sports enthusiasts will have a lot of fun here too. Thanks to a beach course, table tennis, air rifle shooting, gymnastics or archery, you will experience a lot of active moments and take away unforgettable experiences.

If you have a love for cooking in your heart, the ranch workers will be happy to lend you a grill or a pot for goulash. If you prefer to roast, you can choose two outside fireplaces and one outside fireplace under the roof.

If you wish, you can stay right at the ranch. If you prefer privacy, then the apartment house accommodation is perfect for you.

During the summer holidays the ranch also organizes day camps - from Monday to Saturday, for all children from the age of 7.

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