• Chata Magurka, Partizánska Ľupča
The time required is approx. 4 hours.
The time required is approx. 4 hours.

In Ľupčianská valley near the cottage Magurka, an 8 km long circular educational trail begins. A total of 11 boards will acquaint you with the mining tradition and nature of this region. You will learn about gold mining, processing of antimony and rocks, but also about wildlife.

The route of the sidewalk leads mainly along the blue and then the yellow tourist route. After a pleasant and undemanding ascent from Chata Magurka along the blue tourist route, you will reach the ridge of the Low Tatras. From there, you will continue along the yellow route back to Chata Magurka. The educational trail takes about 4 hours with breaks to complete.

The trail is intended only for hikers and is located in the Low Tatras National Park, in the 3rd and higher level of protection. Therefore, please follow the NAPANT visiting rules.

You may need some: accommodation Partizánska Ľupča
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