• Kremnička (at cemetery), Banská Bystrica

Kremnička, the city part of Banská Bystrica, has a cruel and tragic history. This is where the so-called massacre in Kremnička took place during the world war. The tragic event represents a series of mass executions, which was carried out from 5 November 1944 to 17 March 1945 by the Nazi unit Einsatzkommando 14 in cooperation with the Slovak Emergency Divisions of the Hlinka Guards.

A total of 747 victims were found in mass graves, including small children, the civilian population and soldiers. Some of the identified victims were later moved and buried elsewhere by their families. In 1949, a large Memorial to the victims of fascism was built on the site of the mass grave. The monument is the work of Dušan Samuel Jurkovič, an architect of European significance, who, however, did not live long enough to see its revelation.

In 1963, the monument was declared a national cultural monument. The memorial site also includes the Memorial to the Murdered Jewish Residents, a symbolic candlestick, called Menorah, which in 1995 was annexed to the Memorial to the Victims of Fascism.

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