Bachureň is smaller, low and relatively less known mountain range. Despite this, it has hills in its collection that will not only offer you excellent hiking, but also allow you to see from Prešov to the Greater Fatra. One of these magnificent scenic hills is Mindžová near the village of Lipovce.

The very top of Mindžová is formed by a vast meadow, from which a breathtaking view of the peaks and valleys of the Slovak as well as the Polish part of the territory opens. You can admire the peaks of the Ukrainian and Polish Carpathians, the west is dominated mostly by the Low Tatras and the High Tatras, the majestic Chopok, or Ďumbier.

But Mindžová is not only a perfect sight-seeing location. The northwestern slopes of the Mindžová Hill hide one of the most beautiful pseudokarst gorges in Slovakia - the Parkaň. The gorge is about 300 meters long, with its walls over 10 meters high. There are also several fissure caves here too.

The Mindžová Hill is accessible by marked hiking trails from Lipovce (about 3.5 km), Uzovské Pekľany or Hermanovce (about 5 km). The ascend takes about 1.5 hours. The route is not demanding and therefore suitable for less skilled tourists.

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