• Hnilčík č. 38, Hnilčík
The time required is approx. 1 hour.
The time required is approx. 1 hour.

The small village of Hnilčík, nestled in the arms of the beautiful Hnilecká Valley, once belonged to one of many villages in Slovakia, that dealt with mining in the Southern Spiš region.

Nowadays, as a memorial to the faded fame of the mining in the village of Hnilčík, there is a mining museum building. The Mining Open-Air Museum was established on the initiative of the Hnilčík Civic Association for presence, for the future and with the support of the Municipal self-government.

The Mining Museum consists of:

  • a museum exposition located on the premises of the former school in the local Jerohuta district near the municipal office
  • a Ľudmila gallery (former explosives warehouse) made available to the public
  • educational montane trails - route A - Roztoky, route D - by the Železný potok Valley, route C - Grétla and route B - Bindt.

The museum exposition is divided into several thematic units, which are focused on the history of the village of Hnilčík, ethnography and material heritage of ancestors, geological structure and living nature and last but not least the history of mining and processing of local ores.

The items displayed in the mining museum are donated or borrowed mostly from the inhabitants of Hnilčík. The open-air museum building is also very valuable, especially for the original building solution, inspired by the architecture of the residential buildings of the former colony of the mining plant in Roztoky.

The mining museum in Hnilčík is protected as a national cultural monument. During the opening hours, it is also possible to use the guide services associated with expert commentary in the museum exposition premises as well as in the Ľudmila gallery.

Admission is voluntary.

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