• Štefánikovo námestie 24, Kremnica

Mint in Kremnica is one of the oldest continuously operating enterprises in the Slovak Republic. Its history began in 1328, when the Kremnica settlement, which grew up around rich gold deposits, was promoted to a free royal town.

As a free royal town, Kremnica had the privilege of operating a mint. All Kremnica ducats (originally florins) were characterized by high and constant gold fineness, making them the most valuable currency in Central Europe in the Middle Ages.

Thus, Kremnica became the first place to use the balancer (spindle punching machine) for the minting of coins in Central Europe. According to the Kremnica design, this technique was also used by the Mints in Vienna and Prague.

At present, the Kremnica Mint is one of the mints whose production is not only focused on the production of coins and medals. High-quality technological equipment makes it possible to produce high-quality plaques, tokens, badges, pendants, tie clips, stamps, labels, decorations, mayor chains, orders and many other products.

In the company's expositions, visitors have a unique chance to get to know the history of money in Slovakia from the earliest times to the present day, with the emphasis on the production of the famous Kremnica mint.

For a deeper understanding of coinage history, we recommend visitors to visit Museum of Coins and Medals in Kremnica.

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