The time required is approx. 30 minutes.
The time required is approx. 30 minutes.

The Museum of Commerce in Bratislava is located in a rural mansion surrounded by a park. The museum was founded in 1983, originally as a Documentation Center for Trade, Hospitality and Tourism. The main activities of this specialized museum include the collection, professional processing, protection and presentation of tangible documents and documents on the development of trade, hospitality and tourism in Slovakia.

The permanent exhibition of the museum was opened for the first time in December 2005. The intention of the makers was to bring the historical objects of our ancestors closer and thus evoke the nostalgic atmosphere of past times. The exposition is smaller in space, but the content is varied. Visitors can admire valuable exhibits, including scales, merchandise containers, forms of historical advertising, and the interior of the 1930s store.

The museum also occasionally holds concerts called Rock in the Museum. The Museum of Commerce wants to be a truly living museum and, besides history, wants to reach something contemporary, which is rock music.

In addition, the museum in Bratislava's Old Town has built a branch of the so-called. Shop in Museum, where the traditional Slovak product shop was combined with a culture of sales, reflecting the first half of the twentieth century.

Trade in a museum is a shop with general merchandise arranged according to the authentic originals of the original “general store (orig. koloniál)”, the essential part of which is an exposition from the collection fund of the Museum of Commerce Bratislava.

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