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Among the rich tangle of Slovak open-air museums, we can also include the exposition of the Museum of Ukrainian Culture. After all, Ukrainian or Ruthenian culture is also an integral part of our culture.

The Museum of Ukrainian Culture is a branch of the Slovak National Museum consisting of several expositions. It is located in the town of Svidník, more precisely in the locality known as Kochanovský Bank.

Perhaps the most famous permanent exhibition of this museum is the open-air museum of the Ukrainian village. It is a permanent exposition in nature with almost fifty traditional dwellings and farm buildings and tools.

Visitors of all ages can find themselves in the midst of a carrier's tavern, a blacksmith's forge, a simple log house or a richer farmhouse from the second half of the 19th century.

This open-air museum is dominated by the beautiful Greek Catholic Church of St. Paraskevi from 1766, which originally stood in the village of Nová Polianka (Mergeška).

The open-air museum is open all year round. In its vicinity, there is an amphitheater, where the annual festival - Traditional Festival of Culture of Ukrainians - Ruthenians of Slovakia - is held.

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