• Oravská Polhora 577, Oravská Polhora

Oravská Polhora Ski Center is one of the smaller ski resorts in Orava. The resort's greatest merits are its pleasant atmosphere with a reasonable number of skiers, unbeatable ticket prices, a range of services and groomed ski trails. Day and night views of Babia hora, Oravská Polhora, but especially of Roháče and the whole Polhorská Valley are inimitable.

The resort has 5 ski lifts, downhill runs of light to medium difficulty and a snowpark. Ski and snowboard equipment rental and service are available on Fridays and Sundays.

Of course, there is also technical snow, night skiing, snowboard park, buffet, ski lift and after agreement ski and snowboard school too.

You may need some: accommodation Oravská Polhora
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