The small village of Kľak is surrounded by a powerful Vtáčnik mountain range. This mountain offers not only excellent hiking in any season, but also wonderful and majestic rock formations that make this mountain range so famous. One of them is Ostrovica, which fills the southwest part of this volcanic mountain range.

Ostrovica is a natural monument. Its peaks reach the forest and in the vegetative period the whole locality acts very secretive. Many visitors have got a feeling that the site was created by the unknown civilization.

Obviously the most interesting gigantic feature is the cylindrical chimney. It is a well-preserved volcanic chimney that has been created by the lava flowing from the earth millions of years ago. In the southwestern part of this natural monument, a kind of stone sea has been formed.

Andesite boulders also offer beautiful views. Of course, they are best during the winter months when the trees do not have leaves. At that time, you can see the whole village of Kľak embed in the valley, as well as the surrounding countryside.

Ostrovica offers very easy tourism suitable for all. The first sections of the route even follow the asphalt road. Up to the top, your fitness will be tested a little bit more. The marked walkway leads from the village of Kľak (approx. 1 km) and is also enriched by information boards.

You may need some: accommodation district Žarnovica
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