The charming and mythical name, Poludnica (Noonday Witch), was given to a lush wooded hill located at the end of the crotch of the Kraková hoľa in the Low Tatras. This hill belongs to the symbols of Liptov region and therefore you should definitely go and climb it at least once.

The Poludnica Hill is characterized by its two peaks - the Front Poludnica and the Back Poludnica. Both offer unique views. From Front Poludnica, you can enjoy a view of the Liptov basin with Liptovská Mara and the High Tatras in the background. The Back Poludnica provides views of the peaks of the Low Tatras.

Although the length of the exit route to Poludnica is only 5 kilometers, it is necessary to prepare for a rather demanding climb. The elevation of nearly a thousand meters will definitely test your fitness. You can do it slowly in three hours.

The entrance gate to the Low Tatras, but also the starting point for the ascent to Poludnica, is the village of Liptovský Ján. You can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery or the views of the surrounding forests or the cave on the rocky cliff. An alternative starting point can also be Závažná Poruba or Iľanovo.

You may need some: accommodation Závažná Poruba
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