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Muránska Plain offers not only excellent tourism, but also great opportunities to follow the footsteps of ancient times and discover a piece of Slovak history.

Visit the picturesque recreational area of Predná Hora and let yourself be tempted by the spectacular beauty of the impressive manor house with the same name. Predná Hora Mansion is hidden in the middle of the forest and in addition to getting to know the history, it is also an ideal place to relax in nature.   The manor house in Predná Hora was built by the Bulgarian king Ferdinand Coburg. Since he was a passionate hunter and the environment of the Muránska Plain was his emotional affair, he also had a hunting lodge here, directly from the hunting exhibition in Vienna.

The monarch used both objects to 1944. Today, the Institute for Addiction Treatment is based in the mansion. The mansion is not open to the public.

In the nearby Coburg hunting lodge, there is a permanent Exhibition of Ferdinand Coburg, which is also open to the general public, but only after prior telephone booking.

Visitors can admire the authentic bedroom, study or kitchen of the king. There is a "natural science room" created for children which imitates the Slovak forest and allows to search for various hidden forest animals there.

The tour of the hunting lodge is complemented by an eye-catching narrative and, in the case of interest, visitors can also see a short film “The Sovereign and Naturalist”.

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