• Záhradnícka 72, Nové Mesto, Bratislava

Would you like to travel in time and experience an unforgettable adventure? Does it seem impossible to you? You're wrong. In the Questum entertainment centre everything is possible. There is a mysterious atmosphere, tension and adventure in each of the escape rooms.

Escape room is a new interactive game for a group of people whose main task is to break through different puzzles, come up with interesting connections and finally find an escape route within the time limit.

In Questum, you can choose from 4 rooms that have their own story and difficulty:

**The Secrets of Nikola Tesla* - You will travel in time to the Nikola Tesla lab in 1932 **Ghost Stories of the Socialism* - You'll be in Soviet Leningrad in 1987 **Curse of Maya* - Clarify the mystery of the ethnographer's disappearance that has been studying Mayan cult **Mysterious Laboratory* - Disable the self-destruct system and get out of the lab

The game takes about 1 hour and needs to be booked in advance. So do not hesitate to take your family or friends and experience a unique adventure with them.

You may need some: accommodation Bratislava - Nové Mesto
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