• Hlavná 37, Červený Kláštor

Do you desire to dominate the stormy river and enjoy the adventure that awaits you. Come rafting on Dunajec River on our rafts. You don't have to be a professional, you just need courage and taste.

The Dunajec River has dug a beautiful canyon - the Dunajec Breakthrough - and on the 18 km stretch it forms the border with Poland. The river flows through the Pieniny National Park, and even for its beautiful surroundings and excellent conditions, it is annually visited by thousands of people.

The canal is also suitable for people who have never sat in a boat (families with children, corporate events, etc.), where an instructor accompanies you during the rafting.

Boat rental is available for experienced paddlers (raft boats for 4-10 persons, plastic and inflatable canoes, kayaks and complete boating equipment). Then you just need to embark on your rafting tour of the Dunajec and Poprad rivers.

For those who want to explore the secrets of canoeing, there is a canoeing school on the Dunajec available. You can learn here everything related to rafting.

After the rafting, you can return to the platform on foot or on a mountain bike along the "Pieniny" cycling trail around the river, or by bus.

You may need some: accommodation Červený Kláštor
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