• Hviezdoslavova 603, Solčany

Ranch Y in the village of Solčany is a place where you will experience dynamism, grandeur, power, freedom, peace, grace and fun. It will enchant you with its rich offer of riding courses, as well as the beautiful surroundings of the Tribeč Mountains.

The "Y" Ranch Horse Riding School consists of theoretical, but mainly practical skills to teach a complete amateur how to become an individual sovereign rider.

In particular, *they devote a special approach to children *in order to overcome primal fear and love horses.

They also offer nature trips not only for the advanced, but also for beginners, because the horse is led by an experienced trainer.

You can also look forward to adventure and all-day rides on the britzka (road cart) pulled by a horse through the mountains and hills around.

The Ranch Y is best reached when you park in the parking lot near the cemetery and head towards the mountains and the tables will navigate you directly to the ranch :)

Riding must be booked in advance by telephone.

accommodation Solčany
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