• Hlavná 86, Prešov

One of the most fascinating historical buildings not only in Prešov, but also in the whole of Slovakia is undoubtedly the Rakoczi Palace, as evidenced by its attribute - the most beautiful city palace of Upper Hungary. The Renaissance palace was built in the 16th century and at that time stood in the most lucrative place.

In the course of centuries, it has lost almost nothing of its refinement, and that is why he became the representative seat of the Regional Museum in Prešov in 1956. At present, the building houses mainly historical exhibitions, which give visitors a picture of the splendid palace interior and a comprehensive view of the historical development of the city and the region.

Ethnographic exposition presenting traditional folk culture is also very popular among visitors. The museum specializes in the history of firefighting and firefighting technology, in which the museum is one of the most important in Slovakia. The most exclusive exhibit of the museum - noble opal, can be admired in the exposition with the same name. This gem is mined in the nearby Slanské Hills as the only site in Europe.

In addition to permanent exhibitions, the Regional Museum also offers regular short-term exhibitions and cultural events.

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