• Hraničná 27, Barca, Košice

Segway is a unique electric vehicle. Originally intended only for space research, today it is a popular and fast way to get from one place to another almost effortlessly. The Segway has two wheels on which it maintains its balance and its great advantage is that it does not emit noise or emissions.

This extremely popular modern means of transport is ideal for anyone looking for an interesting and exciting way to explore the tourist sites of Košice and its surroundings. You will be able to explore nature from a different perspective than you have been used to.

Segway can handle almost every terrain and its only limitation is the height (minimum of 1 m) and weight (min. 30 kg and max. 120 kg).

Because the Segway is not considered a classic means of transport, it is an excellent choice for moving around the pedestrian zone, nature, shops, office buildings, airports and even industrial areas.

Controlling and riding this stylish transporter is very simple and you don't have to worry that you won't handle it. All adventure rides are supervised by the instructor.

Please agree upon dates and places in advance by phone.

You may need some: accommodation Košice
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