The remarkable rocky creation at the foot of Mních Hill (Monk Hill), just outside the Liskovská Cave, attracts tourists from a far distance. It is the Rock Fist and it is not a coincidence that such a name was given to it. It is about 6 meters high rock formation of dolomite limestones, naturally worked into a clutched fist.

The rocky fist is emblazoned with many legends and superstitions. One of them says that this is the place where the road to the ancient Templar monastery at the nearby Monk Hill started. The monastery was wooden, that is why there is no trace of it today.

Another of the legends links the fist with Jánošík and his companions who once robbed the Count Révay and his armed servants and beat them with a rough branch. In honour of this Jánošík's act, his companions carved a great clenched fist as a symbol of strength and courage with swords of their enemies.

The area is protected and declared a natural monument.

Neraby, there is an asphalt road and a marked cycle path.

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