One of the many water reservoirs in Slovakia is the Ružiná water reservoir located in the patulous arms of the Lučenec Basin.

The Ružiná reservoir is named after the village of Ružiná about 18 km northwest of Lučenec. It was built on Budinský stream in 1969 - 1973.

Thanks to its location, it is one of the warmest reservoirs in Slovakia, so spending the summer there is the best thing you can do.

There are two recreation centers - Kotva Ružiná and Divín - near the reservoir as well as a number of family cottages. In the reservoir, you can swim, surf or rent boats and water bikes in the resorts.

During their free time, holidaymakers can also use the volleyball courts and table tennis courts or play mammoth chess or Russian skittles.

The Ružiná reservoir is also a well-known fishing ground (you can catch carp, trout, amur, bream, crucian, catfish and eels).

The recreation area provides accommodation directly on site. Adventurers can try camping and those looking for a classic bed will find an accommodation in the facility right in the area, or the surrounding cottages and guest houses.

Lovers of hiking and cycling, as well as historical sights, can take a trip to the surrounding forests, explore the nature or go to the nearby ruins of the castle of Divín.

Around the water reservoir, there is a road circuit connecting the two recreation centers, which is a suitable route for cycling too.

You may need some: accommodation Ružiná (district Lučenec)
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