The Sea Eye is a jewel of the Vihorlat Hills. It is an ideal place for relaxing, romantic walks, but active tourism for families with children.

The Sea Eye is the largest lake of the Vihorlat Mountains, and at the same time it is the largest volcanic dam lake in Slovakia with an area of 13 ha. It has a very rugged coastline and crystal clear water. The western and northern shores are covered with sand and have a slight slope. The eastern part is steep and rocky.

Journey to the Sea Eye begins on the drive-in car park, from which you need to walk about 1 km. Slight ascent to the lake itself does not get tired your chits or less skilled tourists. The lake will welcome you with clean and shimmering water, where you will see larger and smaller fish shimmer.

When you get enough views of the beautiful Sea Eye, we recommend taking a walk around the lake. The forest path leads through the Vihorlat Primeval Forest, which hides many remarkable natural phenomena.

One of the dominants of the Vihorlat Hills - Snina Rock, known for its impressive views of the surrounding hills and valleys, rises above the Sea Eye surface. It is possible to get to it by blue marked trail from Zemplínske or Remetské Hámre.

The lake, including the surrounding forests, is declared a national nature reserve and belongs to the UNESCO World Natural Heritage. The highest 5th degree of protection applies here. For this reason, all water activities such as fishing, swimming or boating are strictly prohibited.

You may need some: accommodation district Sobrance
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