• Krahule - Skalka, Kremnica

Recently opened Relax Center, located in the beautiful surroundings of the ski resort Skalka near Kremnica, offers its visitors a wide range of possibilities for active relaxation.

Very popular is the water world, which offers visitors a swimming pool with counter-current, water loungers, water mushroom and jets that massage your body. The water temperature in this pool is 26 - 28 ° C.

For children there is a children's pool with a water temperature of 30 ° C. You can warm yourself up in a sitting pool that is heated to 36 ° C.

Several kinds of saunas - dry, steam, infrared, eucalyptus and herb - will also contribute to your perfect relaxation. Of course, there is also a relaxation room and cooling pool.

You can also enjoy massages, which are only available on request. You have a choice of classic, honey or lymphomassage.

Recreational and active athletes can work out at the fitness center or at the gym. There is also a squash court, bowling, outdoor playgrounds and an in-line track.

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