• GPS: 48.56097, 19.53191

Ski Center Košútka is a ski resort right in the heart of Podpoľanie. It is part of the year-round recreation center Park Košútka. Ski Center Košútka is ideal for beginners as well as experienced skiers. It offers 4 ski slopes of different categories, the longest is 1,140 meters long.

The slopes are artificially snowed. The longest of them offers not only high-quality skiing, but also panoramic views of Poľana and the whole Podpoľanie region. This ski slope is also lit, and night skiing is also possible.

In the area of the ski resort, there is also reserved part of the so-called Snow Park, for adrenaline enthusiasts and riders who want to diversify the day on the slope. There are jumps, rails and other obstacles. A ski school, rental and servicing of skis, snowboards, as well as a ski kindergarten for children are a matter of course in this resort.

Meals and refreshments are provided in the restaurant of the Pension Košútka, which is located directly at the ski slope. Fast food can be found in the buffet with a heated terrace at the top of the ski slope. There is free parking for more than 150 cars.

You may need some: accommodation Hriňová
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