Slemä is a wooded rocky massif in the northern part of the Ohnište Crotch at an altitude of 1514 m, which is separated from it by Michalovské Saddle. It is one of the most interesting hills in the Low Tatras massif, not only because of its beautiful nature, but also by its unhappy history.

Slemä Hill is one of the places of reverence, because a Soviet aircraft with a mixed Russian-Slovak crew crashed its peak in October, Friday the 13th in 1944. All persons on board perished. You can now find a memorial with the names of the victims at the site of the tragedy.

Slemä Hill is the last of the eight stops of Educational Trails of the Slovak National Uprising, which starts in the village of Liptovská Porúbka. Slemä forests also hide other military artifacts, such as bunkers, which are well hidden. The interior is filled with a tiny room with a wooden bed. The information board will inform you that after the suppression of the uprising, the bunker was hiding partisans who then in January 1945 fought for the liberation of Liptovská Porúbka.

Slemä is accessible by marked hiking trails from villages Liptovský Ján (about 7 km), Liptovský Hrádok (about 6 km) or Malužiná. Hike in this area is not very demanding and can be managed by all age groups of tourists in any season.

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