The village of Lendické Rovne is famous for its glass production. The locals are proud of the glass production and present this laborious and strenuous production, which creates beautiful glass objects, to the general public through the exhibition of the Slovak Glass Museum.

The museum is housed in an extensive Classicist mansion that surrounds a large park belonging to the most important historical parks in Slovakia. The manor house is a national cultural monument, it is privately owned and one of its parts is accessible to the public.

Permanent exhibition of glass gives a picture of the history of the development of Slovak glass from its earliest documented times to the present. Current glass production is documented by products of existing Slovak glassworks. A special part of the exposition consists of working tools and aids of glassmakers and a map of historical glassworks.

The museum provides guide services, if necessary in a foreign language. There is also an offer of an audiovisual program focusing on the glass production process, the screening of video films on glass and a consultancy service from its specialization. In the vicinity of the museum, there is a brand shop of the local glassworks, where visitors can buy various assortment.

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