• Podkonice 87, Podkonice

A beautiful village of Podkonice, nestled in the lap of beautiful Central Slovak nature, offers not only perfect relaxation, but a bit of specific history too. You can find there a Slovak Ski Museum, which is the only one of its kind.

The Ski Museum documents the history of skiing for the past 130 years. It boasts of a rich collection fund consisting of 650 exhibits of skis, ski poles and 85 pieces of ski boots.

The exhibits are complemented by an interesting photo gallery and text documentation not only from the history of Slovak skiing, but also from major ski events. The gloss and glory of this popular winter sport is also reminded by important trophies and cups from ski events.

The museum exhibition is installed in four rooms and also in the staircase space. It is interesting that there is a vault-type rock room in the basement of the museum, where exhibits from the period of 100 years ago, as people in Slovakia began to use the slip on snow.

Finally, exposed ski runs are displayed outdoors. If you are interested in a visit, please call and book in advance.

You may need some: accommodation district Banská Bystrica
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