• GPS: 49.04846, 20.14861

Snowpark Lučivná presents itself as a family ski resort, thanks to several winter attractions, which will be appreciated not only by children but also by adults. Snowpark Lučivná offers excellent skiing conditions with a convenient location near the High Tatras.

Fans of winter sports will find here easy to moderately demanding downhill slopes, which offer a panoramic view of the High Tatras. The tracks are illuminated and ideal for evening skiing. A perfect experience for children will certainly be riding on rubber wheels - snowtubing or carousel on snow.

Skier ski beginners will take care of experienced instructors at the ski and snowboard school "Skiexperts Thalion". Below the slope there is a buffet offering daily soups, ready to eat meals and drinks. You can also relax on the outdoor terrace with a view of the slope.

You may need some: accommodation Lučivná
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