Nitra is the fourth longest Slovak river. By 1950, its length was 243 km. In 1950 it was reduced to 197 km by building a canal from Nové Zámky to the west to Váh.

If you are looking for its spring, you must head to the southeast slopes of Lúčanská Mala Fatra, below Reváň Hill. However, the real spring of this river rises about 400 m northeast and 100 m higher from the official site.

The official spring is an encircled brick wall with an inscription and shelter with a fireplace, where you can relax and enjoy the pleasant forest atmosphere. An interesting feature of this place is the chapel of the Bossanyi family, probably from the 17th century.

You can get to the spring by car, which you can park in the parking lot near the Nitra cottage. However, we recommend hiking, because a marked hiking trail and a cycling trail from Fačkov Saddle both lead to the spring. The spring of the Nitra River is also a great starting point for hiking on the hill of Kľak. So everyone who loves good hiking should take refreshment and certainly continue the journey.

You may need some: accommodation Kľačno
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