The Stoh Hill is one of the peaks on the main ridge of Little Fatra, which is characterized by a meadow surface. Due to its location, approach and excellent circular view, Stoh Hill is one of the most beautiful hills of the Little Fatra.

The advantage of this hill is that you can go there with the children, but you need to prepare for a more hour trip. The total journey to the top and back takes approximately 5-6 hours. The top of the Stoh is often referred to as infinite because you don't see the peak until you're actually on it.

The last steep steps will lead you to an open space from which you can enjoy impressive and well-deserved views, especially at hills of Veľký Rozsutec and Poludňový Grúň, with good visibility also to the distant West Tatras or Kráľova Hoľa. It's like you're on a completely different planet for a while.

In summer, the ridge is dotted with tasty blueberries and rare plant communities. During the autumn, you will enjoy the beauty of typical inverse weather. In winter, this place turns into a winter kingdom, and the relatively smooth, steep slopes covered with snow can be avalanche-like.

Popular starting points are mostly Terchová settlement of Štefanová or village of Kraľovany.

You may need some: accommodation Terchová
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