If you are somewhere in the vicinity of Žilina, an excellent tip for a smaller trip is the hill of Straník.

The best route leading here is from Zástranie. This village is also accessible by public transport from Žilina. Everyone can manage to climb to the top of Straník.

A slow walk will take you first along the asphalt path and in the last meters to the wooden footbridge over the terrain.

From the top, there is a beautiful panoramic view of Little Fatra, Žilina Basin, Terchová Valley and Kysuce region. You can relax in the wooden shelter, which has even won an architectural award.

Straník has also become an important local center for paragliding and hang gliding. In winter, this mountain is also popular with skiers. There is a ski lift too.

You may need some: accommodation district Žilina
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