Suchá Belá Gulley is one of the jewels of the Slovak Paradise National Park. The gulley is 4 km long and the water in it through cascades and waterfalls overcomes the altitude of up to 400 meters.

There are many reasons why it obtained the attribute of the most romantic gulley of the Slovak Paradise. The picturesque, romantic and dreamlike atmosphere is enhanced by cascades, gurgling crystal waterfalls and fairytale nature everywhere around.

Suchá Belá Gulley is probably the most visited gulley of the Slovak Paradise. A rather demanding but interesting route leads through it.

As we are in the area of the Slovak Paradise, it is a matter of course that dangerous sections are provided by ladders, chains, footrests and footbridges that require increased caution and fitness.

The passage through the gulley is one way only. You can walk only upstream of the creek by the green tourist trail. The ideal starting point is the tourist resort Podlesok.

The hike to the top of Suchá Belá takes about 2 hours, and if the ascent is not enough for you, you can continue further through Vtáčí hrb and Kláštorisko to the throat of Hornád River and then back to Podlesok. Here you can relax and enjoy a hearty meal in one of the lodges.

You may need some: accommodation Hrabušice
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