The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

In the Protected landscape area of the Dunajské Luhy and at the same time in the quiet surroundings of the village Bodíky, you can find a wide-spread water surface of the Šulianske Lake. This gravel pit is a popular holiday destination especially during the hot summer days, when especially locals are looking for pleasant refreshment and relaxation.

Šulianske Lake is surrounded by beautiful nature. The banks are gravel - grass. In some places, larger trees grow under which it is possible to seek refuge from direct sunlight. The entrance to the lake is gradual and suitable for children.

The lake has clear water, which in some places reaches a depth of up to 15 meters, so it is also ideal for diving or water sports such as windsurfing or yachting. Snacks are provided by the beach buffet with sitting under parasols.

Access to Šulianske Lake is relatively easy. You can get there in several ways, either by the Bratislava - Gabčíkovo cycle route, or by car to Bodíky and from there via the red tourist route.

You may need some: accommodation Bodíky
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Anonym • Jul 2020
„Poznámka: toto jazero je iba z jednej strany prístupné verejnosti - pri bufete PM Kotva. Z ostatných strán je ohradené, keďže to vlastní Urbariát Rohovce.“

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