• Sadová ulica 640/20, Senica

The swimming pool in Senica provides relaxation in a pleasant environment, surrounded by a quiet park, which isolates the swimming pool from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Visitors can use the swimming pool with a slide, which is also suitable for non-swimmers and a children's pool. The swimming pool presents itself with a clear and refreshing water.

Around the pools there is a rich grassy and tree planting, which is maintained and serves mainly for sunbathing, rest, various sports activities or as a shelter from the sun.

Children can use the children's corner next to the children's pool. The corner offers climbing frames, swings, plastic toys, carousel and sandbox. Athletes can use the beach volleyball court. Sports equipment can also be rented here.

You can refresh yourself in the stalls with a wide range of fast food and drinks. There are also social facilities and changing rooms.

You may need some: accommodation Senica
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