• GPS: 48.21575, 17.41676

The area of Sunny Lakes in Senec is 120 ha and they are up to 12 meters deep. A single and extensive water area that can be seen today was originally formed by 5 separate lakes. During summer, it is the most visited holiday resort in Slovakia, which is also popular with foreign tourists.

In addition to swimming and water sports, the lakes offer great opportunities for water sports, boating and fishing. Sunny Lakes were founded in 1845, when dredging of gravel for the construction of the Bratislava - Galanta railway took place here.

They are located on the eastern outskirts of Senec, on the main road between Bratislava and Trnava, approximately 25 km from Bratislava (access roads are E571, 61 or D1). Just a low entrance fee applies here, but you can also get season tickets.

Especially children will be delighted by the north side of Sunny Lakes, where there is an Aquapark with plenty of water attractions, as well as a playground or beach volleyball, football and tennis courts.

The big attraction of Sunny Lakes are also rich musical - entertainment events, organized directly in the area.

During the summer season, there is also a health and water rescue service available for visitors.

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