• Malá 2, Šurany

The orthodox synagogue in Šurany belongs to the jewels of synagogue architecture in Slovakia. The Jewish community of Šurany was built it in 1916. During the 1990s, the interior of the synagogue was reconstructed, and in May 2005 it was made available to the public as a dignified cultural stand. There are museum and gallery exhibitions, concerts, lectures and presentations taking place.

On the floor of the synagogue, there is a permanent exhibition of the Town Museum of Šurany. The museum collects archaeological, historical and ethnographic objects, old photographs, documents (archival materials) and old prints. The permanent exhibition on the floor of the synagogue approaches the history of the town as well as the town districts of Nitriansky Hrádok and Kostolný Sek from prehistoric times to the 20th century.

Archaeological finds from Zámeček - Slovak Troy from Nitriansky Hrádok, finds from the place of Šurany Castle, copies of coins from the treasure of qvartings - quarter denarius from Kostolný Sek from the 15th century, signed - marked bricks from Šurany, which document at least 200 year history of brickmaking in the town, documents for Šurany sugar factory and history of milling are exhibited here.

Short-term exhibitions are held on the ground floor.

You may need some: accommodation district Nové Zámky
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