• Odbojárov 9, Nové Mesto, Bratislava

The Tehelné pole swimming pool is located in the wider center of Bratislava, not far from the winter stadium and is traditionally one of the most beautiful and sought-after swimming pools in the capital. The locals appreciate it as a very pleasant, relaxing swimming pool with a homely atmosphere.

After a minor reconstruction, it offers its visitors three pools - large, medium and children's. The water in the pools is very clean and refreshing. The only water attraction is the slide.

An invaluable advantage of this swimming pool is that there is also a lift for disabled visitors, which can be used at any location by the pool.

For sunbathing, relaxing and enjoying summer well-being you can use the lawn or concrete area. There are showers and changing rooms. Parking lot is also available.

For the little ones, there is a playground with swings and climbing frames. During the summer season, there is also a buffet where you can go for a refreshment.

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