• GPS: 48.45575, 18.63639
The time required is approx. 30 minutes.
The time required is approx. 30 minutes.

Tajch artificial water reservoir is located in the part of Nová Baňa called Stále. The reservoir is part of a larger recreational complex. It was built in 1792 - 1794 as part of the former mining water system.

The Tajch reservoir is surrounded by beautiful nature and divine silence. It is sought after not only by holidaymakers, but also by fishermen. The water in the reservoir is refreshing and clear. It is enriched with grassy banks that serve for sunbathing and relaxation.

For active movement of vacationers, there is a volleyball court, badminton court, tennis courts and a beach volleyball court. The area is a good starting point for trips to the surrounding countryside along marked and unmarked hiking and biking trails.

The recreational area also includes a guest house that offers accommodation, a restaurant, a seasonal outdoor pool and a bar. During the summer, Tajch is a popular venue for concerts, cinemas in the amphitheater, motoring rides and various sporting events.

You may need some: accommodation Nová Baňa
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Zita Antalíková • Jun 2023
„Okolie super len treba trochu upravit vodnú plochu aj vstup “
Zita Antalíková • Jun 2023
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Anonym • Aug 2022
„V Novej Bani som bola dva krat v zivote a moje nadsenie od prvej chvile je na urovni 200bodov. Priroda,mestecko,ludia,prostredie,atmosfera;pokoj a klud-cisty raj a oddych na Tajchu je stopercentna zaruka. Hodnotim najpozitivnejsie. Klobuk dole “
Anonym • Jul 2022
„Boli sme tu, je to fajn voda aj prostredie :) clovek si dobre zaplava a je tam aj priestor na deku pri jazere.. za nas fajn len ta pristupove cesta je hrozne uzka..“

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