• Vlachovo (za železničnou traťou neďaleko kaštieľa), Vlachovo

On the outskirts of the village of Vlachovo, in the local forest, preserved the historically valuable area of the former Andrássy mansion with the rest of the otherwise large park with ponds. The county parks used to have an icehouse - a simple stone building built on a slope in a vaulted cellar, which was closed by an iron door.

Straw or sawdust was placed on the floor of the icehouse, on which ice blocks were placed, which lasted until the next year. Thick forged hooks were placed on the inner walls of the icehouse to hang the meat of the animals caught.

It is interesting to note that the builder's intention was build an icehouse as an Egyptian tomb. That is why the entrance to the icehouse was surrounded by so-called Vlachov Sphinx - beautiful women who with grape bunches and other fruits in their hands invite to the feast after a successful hunt. Unfortunately, they did not preserve to this day. Their beauty can be admired only in the painting of Count Emanuel Andrássy, which is exhibited in the exposition of mansion in Betliar.

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