• M. Nešpora 1, Bystričany

Chalmová thermal swimming pool is situated in a quiet environment of the village Bystričany, surrounded by the natural beauty of Drieňový Hill. Thermal swimming pool is a great attraction not only for local but also for tourists from all over Slovakia.

The swimming pool with year-round operation offers visitors outdoor and indoor pools for all age groups, whether for swimming or relaxation. The pools are supplied with thermal water from several mineral springs and wells.

It is interesting that two covered regeneration pools are built directly on the thermal springs. Mineral water is characterized by beneficial effects on the locomotive organs. The water temperature in all pools is 32° C to 40° C.

The outdoor swimming pool area is spacious, with well-arranged lawn and sports attractions in the form of table tennis and football. The swimming pool has not forgotten children visitors, for whom there is a children's playground with climbing frames and merry-go-rounds.

Refreshments are provided in the form of buffets and stalls. For even more relaxation and stress relief, there is sauna and hydromassage tube available. Showers, changing rooms and sanitary facilities are a matter of course.

If you would like to enjoy the sun and water in Chalmová a little longer, you can stay in a campsite, hostel or cottage area.

accommodation district Prievidza
Tourist map (GPS 48.67153, 18.49572)
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