The Kalameny thermal spring is located in the Kalameny Valley in Choč Hills about 1 km north of the village of Kalameny. The thermal spring in Kalameny is an artificial borehole dug in 2000 with warm water - temperature is approximately 33° C.

An artificial lake with size of 20x10 meters was built around the borehole, allowing for free bathing outside the summer season.

The water is only slightly mineralized, has a strong sulphur odour and its colour is slightly orange. Water exudation on the surface creates a fountain around which you can sit and let yourself be massaged by this pressure stream.

Near the lake, there is also a fireplace with a seating area and several benches to relax. The surrounding area emits the true forest atmosphere.

You may need some: accommodation Kalameny
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anna ondova • Nov 2021
„Krása teplo a zdarma krása ináč sa ani nedá opísat“
Erika • Jul 2020
„Liptov je moja srdcovka, nemala som za posledných 12 rokov trávenia prázdnin na Liptove žiadnu negatívnu skúsenosť, až na obec Kalameny! Napriek tomu, že sa nikde nedočítate o zákaze parkovania v celej obci a taktiež nikde nenájdete žiadne značenie, kde sa nachádza v obci parkovisko, dostali sme po návrate k autu od obce pokutu. “

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