• Kúpele Bojnice 971/3, Bojnice
The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

The Čajka thermal swimming pool attracts every visitor with the beautiful scenery of Bojnice Castle, which is combined with the natural beauty of the surrounding forest park.

There are 5 swimming pools in the swimming pool area - 2 children's pools, a 50-meter swimming pool and 2 adventure pools. The temperature of the thermal water is 28-33 ° C.

Children will enjoy the water slide, sandbox slides and inflatable jumping platform.

The volleyball, football, and chess courts are perfect places to relax. Plenty of space on the landscaped lawn will certainly be used very-well for sunbathing or a smaller picnic. In the case of really hot days, you can be veiled in the shade under the trees.

Fast food is provided in buffets with parasols. You can also enjoy chilled drinks and ice cream.

There are also changing rooms, bathroom facilities and showers. A storage room for items will also serve you well.

You may need some: accommodation Bojnice
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Zuzana Mellen • Aug 2022
„Celé zle… služby katastrofálne… neviem kde je ten funkčný tobogan, nafukovacia skákalka a bezpečne šmykľavky pre deti. Bufety niečo strašne, cena nezodpovedá tovaru to aby ste za mrazenú pizzu zaplatili skoro 9eur je už prehnane. Obsluha nezaškolená. Krásne prostredie len škoda toho nevyužiteho potenciálu …“
Vlado Baran • Jul 2022
„Otvorené je, ale prerobené nie. Je to ako dovolená na malte. :D“
Anonym • Jan 2022
„Je už kúpaliskoČajka v Bojniciach otvorené (prerobené) dokončené?“

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