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In the picturesque environment on the bank of the Little Danube near the village Tomášikovo, the charming Water Mill of Tomášikovo stands there since 1893. The mill was actively used until 1960. It is interesting that in 1940, a dynamo was installed in it and thanks to that it also worked on electric drive.

The water mill is well preserved and visitors can now admire its almost original appearance. The mill building is still functional and its interior contains the original mill equipment that is diversifyíed by the period photographs. There is also a traditional mill room and a slit window, through which the miller observed, for example, operation of the drive wheel.

Near and far surroundings of the mill provide perfect nooks that are ideal for wandering. The water mill is accessible from the village Tomášikovo along a field road. The mill is accessible from the bank of the Little Danube by a wooden footbridge.

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Peter Peter • Oct 2021
„Autom uplne v pohode z Tomasikova, aj ked ja tam chodim vacsinou na bicykli....“
Anonym • Jun 2020
„Cesta neoznačená, prístup autom veľmi zlý. Vymletá poľná cesta s hlbokými jamami a kalužami. Museli sme sa v poli otočiť a vrátiť 3 km pred cieľom. Nakoniec sme výlet vzdali pre blížiacu sa búrku. Ale pre bicykle a peších sa to dá, ak nezablúdia. Škoda, že nie je lepšie označený.“

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