The inhabitants of Trnava and the surrounding villages really do not have to walk far to get to nature. Most popular recreation place for locals and during summer also for many travellers are certainly Trnava ponds.

They are located on the border of cadastral areas of Trnava and Hrnčiarovce nad Parnou. It is a protected area that is rich in natural wealth. The surroundings of the ponds are bordered by the remnants of the floodplain forest and are also characterized by the species diversity of the local fauna.

The protected area of Trnavské rybníky is a locality with up to 150 protected bird species, which represents almost 80% of the total number of species found here.

Field roads and paths lead near the Trnava ponds. In good weather, walking around the pond is a real balm for the soul. You can continue along the route to the local park, which is often used by skaters, cyclists and runners.

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